How to Buy a Smart Car: Find the Right New and Used Smart Cars For You

How to Buy a Smart Car: Find the Right New and Used Smart Cars For You

Posted 08.07.2012 in Articles by Neil-Denny

If you want the best performance money can buy, or just want something to get from point A to point B without burning a hole in your wallet, there's a smart car for that. We know where to look online if you want to buy used, and what to do when you want to soup up the one you already own. Here we explore the differing shopping experiences at SmartUSA and Auto Trader, and highlight a customization shop that can make your smart car ride unlike any other. gives you the most detailed information regarding features and technical specifications for all the available models in the current smart car lineup. Using the convenient dealer finder you can simply enter a zip code and the miles you're willing to travel, and the dealer finder will show you all the smart dealers located within the radius of your query. With the online configurator you can see how much your smart car will cost with or without the available upgrades. You can also play with the color tool to help you decide how you want your smart car to look like before you go out and purchase one. True smart car fans can help themselves to some miscellaneous online shopping, featuring a smart shop with smart brand mugs, keychains, hats & t-shirts, umbrellas, and even little model cars of your favorite smart car. will give you a more refined search, allowing you to browse through new, used, and certified pre-owed smartcars available within your area. Your search isn't just limited to smart centers either. Auto Trader includes dealerships for other makes that happen to have used smart cars in their inventory, and access to private sellers in your area. Car ads on Auto Trader will show mileage, color, photos & video, pricing information, a brief overview of condition and CARFAX reports. 

For current smart car owners Smart Madness is the premier shop for smart customization. Services offered at Smart Madness include maintenance and repair, body kit & audio installation, window tinting, and personalization. At Smart Madness you can customize your smart car inside and out. Upgrade your interior upholstery, adjust wheel settings, install performance exhaust, request custom paint jobs, upgrade your audio system, or even switch to vertical opening doors. They also have one of the largest selection of smart rims and body panels in North America. Their work has been featured in the LA Times, Huffington Post, and MSN. Even Simon Cowell of American Idol fame was seen riding in a smart car customized by Smart Madness. 

Both SmartUSA and AutoTrader are great places to start your search. While SmartUSA offers the most informative search, AutoTrader expands your possiblities to include private sellers and dealerships other than smart. Once you find the smart car for you, stop by Smart Madness to get ideas on how you can fix up your ride to make it match more perfectly with your needs and personality. With these online resources, you can find your dream smart car without ever leaving home.




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