Brabus Smart Cars: Microcars Made Powerful with Smartcar Tuning

Brabus Smart Cars: Microcars Made Powerful with Smartcar Tuning

Posted 08.07.2012 in Articles by Neil-Denny

As fun as smart cars are as is, there is a whole new breed of smart cars you may or may not know about. Enter Brabus, high-performance aftermarket tuning specialists from Germany dedicated to making Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, and Smart vehicles more exciting than they already are. From the smart BRABUS tailor made to the BRABUS ultimate 120, here's a preview of a whole new level of driving fun with BRABUS smartcar tuning.

The BRABUS Sport Package sets the tone for a city car that's ready to paint the town red. Available in black, silver, or white, the BRABUS Sport features a bold front spoiler, sleek side skirts, and chrome-plated exhaust system. The aggressive attitude continues seamlessly inside with matte stainless steel sport pedals, matte aluminum leather-trimmed gear knob, leather heated seating, and silver-accented dashboard instruments. With ultra-responsive power steering, fine-tuned sport suspension, and "monoblock VII" 15"x17" alloy wheels, you will feel the difference in the drive.

The next bold step in customization is the BRABUS line of Tailor Made smartcars. It all starts with an "anything is possible" concept of design. The Tailor Made program allows buyers to contribute their own design ideas to make their smart car look and feel exactly the way they want. Exterior finishes come in thousands of different colors, while interior leather options come in 30 basic colors and design variants. For smart cabriolet drivers, BRABUS Tailor Made customization gives you up to six different soft top colors to choose from.

Last but not least, we have the BRABUS ultimate 120, a Limited Edition smart car built to commemorate the 10 year partnership between the smart car and BRABUS aftermarket tuning. The BRABUS ultimate 120 was designed to be the definitive city sports car, an open two-seater fueled by a turbo engine with power output of 88.3 kW, or 120-hp, hence the name. With the turbo-powered engine, the ultimate 120 goes from 0 to 100 km-h, or 62 mph, in 8.9 seconds, before maxing out at 106 mph. Not bad for a nimble city car. 

With BRABUS Monoblock F Platinum Edition forged wheels, height-adjustable BRABUS coil-over sports suspension, and BRABUS stainless steel sport exhaust system, the BRABUS ultimate 120 is fully outfitted for high-performance capability. Those fortunate enough to experience the ultimate 120 will enjoy the comfort of Recaro Sportster seating with Mastik leather interior in black with red contrasting stitching. Only 120 BRABUS ultimate smart cars were manufactured, making this series a highly limited edition. As a result, the Ultimate 120 goes for over $61,000. 

From smart cars tailor made to make your city car stand out from the rest, to a highly exclusive line of BRABUS tuned smart cars, this fleet of aftermarket models is sure to give you a whole new impression of the smart car's capabilities. Celebrating a whole decade of making smart cars unlike anything on the market today, the tag team of BRABUS and smart car is just getting started to show just how far the smart car can really go.


Image (CC) bindermichi

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